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Concession Obsession LogoCottonCandySugar.org is a website run by ConcessionObsession and is based in Washington State. We specialize in Concession Equipment like Cotton Candy Machines and other Restaurant & Bar Food Service Equipment. We have been in business since 1991.

Cotton Candy Machines

We supply our equipment direct from the factory to the consumer without added distribution layers. We have designed our website so that it is simple and easy to use. We offer cotton candy machines that suit all needs, from home theater use to high volume commercial use and everything in-between.

Cotton Candy Cones

ConcessionObsession sells top quality, brand new popcorn machine and concession equipment built by the most reputable manufacturers in the industry. Most of our cotton candy products are made in America using American parts and American labor. All of our products are backed by complete factory warranties.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in our products and we look forward to having the opportunity to serve your popcorn machine and concession needs.

The Sweet History of Cotton Candy

A fairground visit wouldn’t be complete without the sweet taste of cotton candy. Known around the world by colorful names such as candy floss in the United Kingdom and Fairy Floss in Australia, the fluffy pink treat satisfies kids hunger for sugar and returns adults to their own childhood. It first originated in the rich kingdoms of Italy in the 15th century, though the original form only has a passing resemblance to today’s cotton candy. Back then chefs worked industriously in royal palaces to melt and caramelize expensive sugar, separating the yummy strands into engaging shapes that were used to accent desserts with a flourish of condensed, air-spun sugar. The problem with this early form of candy was the time wasn’t yet right. Sugar was a luxury only available to pastry chefs supplying the well-off citizens of Italy. The solution to the issue wasn’t to arrive until 1897.

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